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Bookcase - El Bookcase

El Bookcase

An extrapolation of the simple concept shelves made from planks and bricks. This design contains no screws or fitting at all. It is simply made of wooden shelves and stainless steel brackets.


Bookcase - CD Wall Shelf

CD Wall Shelf

Quirky fun shelves that look like they wouldn’t hold anything, but the more cds that are inserted into the shelf the stronger it becomes. CDs become a structural part of the shelf.


Bookcase - Rodenhook


Created for work and home use, this system is designed to be expandable as required. This System can be clean, and sculptural (in its white form) for an office or design studio, yet playful and fun (in other colors) for a children’s bedroom, for example. The 10" deep shelving elements interlock with each other as they hang from the wall mounted rods, and can be infinitely rearranged into different configurations.


Bookcase - Invisable Shelf

Invisable Shelf

Powder coated sheet steel book shelf, mounted on the wall using simple screws through slots in the back of the shelf. Slots are made so that two studs can always be found and screwed into, to securely mount shelf, although simple screws and anchors are sufficient to hold the weight of the shelf and books.

The shelf practically disappears when loaded with books, giving the impression that the books are floating on the wall. Various colors and lengths could be offered to create a range. A shallower version could be produced for bathroom applications etc...



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