OF|Design Rodenhook

Created for work and home use, this system is designed to be expandable as required. This System can be clean, and sculptural (in its white form) for an office or design studio, yet playful and fun (in other colors) for a children’s bedroom, for example. The 10" deep shelving elements interlock with each other as they hang from the wall mounted rods, and can be infinitely rearranged into different configurations.

The intention for this piece is to be marketed in starter kits, and then for individual pieces to be sold, allowing the consumer to expand their system as and when it is required, thereby developing an extended product lifecycle.

Simplistic and durable, the shelf elements are powder coated sheet steel and the rod elements are brushed stainless steel. The rods are mounted to the wall on 24" centers (using standard screws and anchors, depending on wall type) allowing the user to hang a shelf design of their choice between them. The system is also designed to be expandable, with the introduction of newly designed shelving elements in the future.  

Please contact:  furniture@ofdesign-nyc.com  for more information on the Rodenhook.


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