Downtown 5th Avenue Apartment
Downtown 5th Ave Apartment

The client of this land-mark apartment wanted clean and simple lines with plenty of storage, and certain functionality. The kitchen, master bedroom and office cabinet work needed laying out, designing and detailing to create a functional yet light and airy feel throughout.

A combination of open and closed shelving ensured ease of use and that a relative level of tidiness could be maintained with a minimal of effort. Certain parameters within the apartment had to be met, like the kitchen sink and dishwasher had to be above the footprint of the bathroom in the apartment below. This was achieved by using a sink with an offset drain, so the drain and faucet were within the footprint of the bathroom but some of the sink could be outside it, allowing for a larger, more gracious sink and helping to maintain the open, spacious feel.

A chalkboard was integrated for messages and the fixed shelf above the sink is a dish drainer rack, preventing the need for a counter top drainer. The rack is made from teak and is removable for cleaning and replacement, should it ever be required. A small pantry cupboard has a pull out shopping board and a larger pantry cupboard contains pull out trays and the microwave oven.   

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